XIRNET provides complete monitoring of SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). XIRNET is a system (hardware and software) of monitoring network devices, servers and any kind of devices*. Different network devices support SNMP for delivering critical information on health, performance and status.


Xirnet provides the ability to monitor multiple devices using the internet or a LAN. All of the devices in monitoring can be controlled or controlled from one system XIRNET. XIRNET application provides a user-friendly, the look of the application XIRNET consists of two parts that can be arranged. The top (Web Browser) can be used to access the default system settings, as for the bottom is used to view the status of a device using SNMP protocol


XIRNET is a device using SNMP protocol device monitor one of the data about the object to be monitored (OID) will be stored in MIB (….). This MIB data adjustable and regulated in such a way as to suit your needs. For example, the use of a particular OID just want you to want to display, then it can be set via the setting of the MIB.


Application of XIRNET made capable of memo not ranging from one to four devices. With a big enough screen size, is expected to help monitor several devices in the one screen, the setting of the device will help in setting a number of devices and some of the things that are associated with these devices.