The UHP-IFS is a L-Band 8-way active splitter and 4-way active combiner in a compact 1U mini-chassis. UHP- IFS is designed as an IF subsystem for UHP-based hubs and advanced terminals, but can be used in any other L-Band systems. There is DC and 10 MHz pass from two ports of the splitter to the common Rx port and similar connectivity of two ports of combiner to the common Tx port. Current flow is restricted in one direction, into the common port only. There is also a separate EXT DC port to facilitate BUC and LNB inject. Auxiliary DC MON ports allow measuring the actual voltage supplied to the RF equipment without having to disconnect the cables and disrupt the network.


  • IF subsystem with active 8-ports splitter and 4-ports combiner
  • Compatible with all UHP routers and other L-Band IF equipment
  • Wide frequency range 850-2150 MHz
  • Good isolation between the ports -25 dB
  • Various powering sources up to 48 VDC


Active UHP-IFS system provides the amplification of signals and allows them to share and summarize without loss. The UHP-IFS is powered from the voltage applied to power BUC or LNB. The presence of supply voltage is displayed by special indicator.

Universal mount allows installing the UHP-IFS system into front or rear side of a standard 19” telecommunication rack. It can be installed at any angle to prevent excessive bending of coaxial cables and simplifying maintenance compounds. UHP-IFS can be used to work with a variety of L-Band satellite equipment.