• High-throughput up to 450 Mbps
  • Dynamic, adaptive change of network layout
  • Cost-effective dynamic bandwidth allocation
  • Effective DVB-SX alike modulation and coding
  • Support of IP protocols and L2 bridging
  • Software defined modes of operations


Owing to broadband communication, high throughput and access-on-demand to the network resources, UHP Satellite Routers are an optimum solution for primarily and backup telecommunication channels. It could be a simple point-to-point SCPC connectivity between two nodes or a multi-sites TDM/TDMA network dynamically sharing the same bandwidth for several destinations. The UHP routers support fast switching between TDMA and SCPC modes of operation withstanding intense traffic growth and significantly reduce satellite capacity usage.

Satellite Cellular Backhaul allows mobile operators to expand their business to rural areas and to have full and highly-efficient coverage. The UHP routers are compatible with 2G/3G/LTE cellular networks and provide seamless connectivity between the central infrastructure of a mobile operator (BTS/RNC) and remote base stations (BTS/Node B).

Satellite communication is the most efficient way to deliver broadband communication services to end users whenever they are. Satellite terminals can be installed within a few hours providing immediate access to Internet and telephony. Thanks to broadband access, satellite communication operators can significantly expand their service area; provide 100% coverage to potential clients irrespective of the terrestrial infrastructure. Satellite broadband access is an optimal solution for hardly-reachable or low-populated areas.