• Various topologies: ‘hub and spoke’, ‘multilevel tree’, ‘mesh’
  • Up to 210 Mbps in Forward and 20 Mbps in Return channels
  • Easy scalability up to 254 TDMA channels and 500’000 terminals
  • DVB-S2 modulations: QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK and 32APSK
  • Roll-off 5% or 20%
  • Efficient MF-TDMA protocol with LDPC: 96% vs SCPC
  • Adaptive modulation and coding in Forward and Return channels
  • Ultra-low latency VSAT system with round-trip delay 570 ms
  • VLAN, multi-level QoS, RT traffic handling, TCPA
  • Fast network startup: ready for use in a minute upon power-up
  • User-friendly NMS with web-interface and VNO support
  • Optional automatic redundancy for Hub and terminals
  • HW models: compact, integrated, rack-mountable and outdoor


UHP-based TDM / TDMA satellite network provides a comprehensive set of services suitable for telecom and broadband access operators, enterprises of various size, government agencies and broadcast companies. Satellite network provides global coverage and is the fastest and most effective way to connect multiple, geographically distributed users with throughput and quality matching those of modern terrestrial infrastructure in urban areas of developed countries.

Entry-level VSAT network can be based on UHP mini- hub, consisting of only one router, but able to support more than 2,000 remotes and aggregate throughput up to 100 Mbps. To expand the network, one or more daisy-chained UHP routers can be added to the Hub. This provides multiple increase of the network performance without any substantial interruption of the service. UHP VSAT hubs have the industry’s best cost of acquisition and ownership.

Compact UHP terminals can be installed in a matter of hours, anywhere, regardless of the local infrastructure conditions. The same UHP TDM/TDMA network may support “star” and “mesh” terminals and requires no upgrade of the Hub. Cost-effective UHP terminals are easy to install and operate, providing a high level of competitiveness and efficiency in a network of any size, any throughput and any topology.

Modern DVB-S2 ACM modulation and coding technologies of the Forward (Outbound) channel combined with unsurpassed, highly-efficient Multi-Frequency TDMA protocol provide minimal operating expenses and maximize quality of service.

Owing to the system’s high-throughput and on-demand bandwidth allocation, the UHP VSAT network can simultaneously support different applications, such as broadband access, e-mail, access to corporate servers, telephony, videoconferencing and data broadcasting. Advanced QoS ensures the required quality of service for each of the terminals and for each particular application. A single UHP network can be shared by multiple operators using the VNO model, which provides efficient use of common infrastructure.