• Single solution for contribution and distribution
  • High-throughput transmission
  • Dynamic, adaptive change of network layout
  • Cost-effective dynamic bandwidth allocation
  • Effective DVB-S2X alike modulation and coding
  • Software defined modes of operations


About 50 years ago the era of satellite communication began with broadcast of TV images covering entire continents. Nowadays satellites offer a program diversity which is impossible for the viewer to overlook. Almost in real time, the satellites in space transport news and pictures from all over the World directly or indirectly into our living-rooms. The viewer enjoys a multimedia news report – up to date as never before.

The UHP Satellite Routers designed as a universal VSAT platform that may help Media companies with efficient contribution and distribution of their content. A modern DSNG station can be installed on the van or deployed as a compact man-pack solution, capable of deployment practically anywhere in the civilized world. Signals are beamed from the correspondent via a geostationary satellite to a broadcast station or network. The UHP satellite routes provide advanced two-way IP communications and way support various modes of operations. Initially it could be TDM/TDMA connectivity sufficient to transmit some off-line content or to keep online conversation with the studio during preparation of the upcoming news report or even to transmit live video with SD resolution. UHP router can be switched from TDM/TDMA to dedicated high-speed SCPC mode just in a second and allows transmitting high-definition video during the live report. The UHP Scheduler system can be used to plan and manage SNG transmissions.

Television over IP is not only an alternative to traditional ways of content delivery, but also a new approach in serving consumers with interactive services. With its unprecedented high throughput UHP Satellite Router can ensure the delivery of IPTV programming in real time with simultaneous update of local Servers with the newest pay-per-view content. Interactive satellite network provides reliable feedback from the audience for authorization of access to the content and additional services.