• Reliable communications where and when needed
  • Interactive voice, video, or data networks
  • Broadcast and unicast satellite services
  • Videoconferencing, surveillance and remote control
  • Supports Communications-On-The-Move terminals
  • Compatible with X-, C-, Ku- and Ka-band satellites


Governments and public sector organizations around the world use satellite communications to deliver a diverse range of solutions for their secure and reliable communication links, to help defense, civil and industry projects achieve their goals. Satellite communications services help governments maintain essential and secure communications where no wire line or wireless infrastructure exists and actively used for defense, emergency response, support for continuity of operations, distance learning, telemedicine and other important applications. Universal UHP Satellite Routers allow design custom end-to-end satcom solutions to meet specific requirements of governmental customers. UHP network may include fixed, fast-deployable and mobile terminals. Software defined functionality of UHP terminals allows changing mode of operation “on-the-fly” dedicating more bandwidth to the terminals that need to transmit video or large files. The UHP-1000-OD Outdoor satellite router is designed for harsh environment and can be used outside, installed on the antenna directly. Same as other UHP routers UHP-1000-OD outdoor router supports any modes operations and can work not only as SCPC or TDMA terminal, but also as TDM/TDMA mini-hub or as Hubless Master station. UHP is the only VSAT platform that can be used to deploy fully-outdoor VSAT network, i.e. with no components requiring indoor installation or special container. This is ideal solution for fast-response and defense tasks requiring network deployable in a field just in few minutes.