• Adaptive VSAT network layout
  • Reallocation of network bandwidth on demand
  • Automatic reconfiguration of carriers and bandwidth allocations
  • On-demand change of mode of operation and routing
  • Quick switchover between shared TDMA and high-speed SCPC
  • Fully-automated lineup procedure and levels adjustment
  • Multi-beam, multi-satellite support
  • Real-time scheduling and operations control for all resources


DNL technology leverages unique features of UHP platform, including dynamic change of bandwidth and frequency assignments, modes of operations, network configurations, etc. DNL is an ideal solution for occasional use applications, network with reversible traffic, emergency backup, COTM, etc.

Elements of DNL technology are integrated into all the components of UHP networks and allow dynamically modify the network layout depending on various criteria: time, traffic, external commands, etc. DNL can manage different network parameters, including: frequency plan, operation mode of the given components or of the entire network, etc.

DNL Profile Manager is a basic element of DNL concept and is built into every UHP router. This manager can change the mode of operation and configuration of the router “on the fly”, just in seconds. Switchover between predefined profiles can be initiated by an external command or activated automatically if previous network service is unavailable.

DNL Beam Switching is another element of DNL concept that works in conjunction with the Profile Manager and allows to charge UHP profiles depending on a current geographical location of the terminal. The UHP router may change its profiles if a current position is better covered by another beam or another satellite. Moreover, the UHP router may also dynamically change its transmission levels, parameters of the carries and even mode of operation to comply with the network settings of a respective satellite beam.

DNL Scheduler allows to allocate dynamically the required bandwidth of TDMA and SCPC-DAMA carriers in-between the network terminals in accordance with a predefined schedule. The scheduler provides a friendly graphical interface, easy booking process, conflicts resolution and schedule validator. The DNL Scheduler manages a satellite bandwidth, allocates carriers and assigns the respective terminals and Hub controllers to such carriers. The Scheduler allows combining various services within a single VSAT network: DSNG, videoconferencing, data contribution/distribution, backup for landlines and others.

DNL API provides the ability to control the Profile Manager and Schedules from external devices via the application programming interface. This enables to integrate UHP VSAT platform into customer’s infrastructure and customized applications. For example, a DNL-enabled satellite network may backup a terrestrial backbone. During normal operation, such VSAT network can be proportionally assigned to the congested terrestrial directions. However, the entire bandwidth of this satellite network could be immediately allocated to a specific terrestrial link in case of its failure.