Viacom Media is a System Integrator on Telecommunications and Informatics Devices Procurement / Electronics Equipment / Electrical, Mechanical. Viacom Media focuses on Procurement of Goods for Telecommunications Operator, Corporate Banking,Government Institution and Industry. Viacom Media was established in front of notary certification Abdul Aziz SH, with the Articles of Association, No. 18 dated January 17, 2008.

Being a growing company and compete in the area of procurement of Telecommunications and Informatics Electronic Equipment / Electrical, Mechanical, for  achieving the best customer satisfaction on continuously basis.

Provide of Procurement Telecommunications and Informatics ,Tools / Equipment Electronics / Electrical, Mechanical, with Aftermarket Warranty.

Until now we have made a good long-term cooperation with companies and independent operators as one of our customer IT network to strengthen its position in the Indonesian market with boosted by experts and experienced human resources.


Procurement of tools / Electronics Equipment / Electrical, Mechanical, Telecommunications and Information relating to:

  • VSAT System
  • Power Supply System
  • Terrestrial Radio System
  • Fiber Optic Systems
  • Electronic Security Systems
  • Supporting Materials: Cables, Connectors and Tower


Company Name:PT Viacom Media
Company Type:Limited Corporation
Date of Establishment:17 of January,2008
License No.:503/000190-BP2T/30-08/PM/V/2010
Bank References:Bank Mandiri
Number of employees:5 employees
Business Type:Supplier of Telecommunication equipments
Head Quarter address:Victorian Business Park.Block CC/16 Jl.Bintaro Utama 3A,Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia.15225 Phone/Fax: 62-21-73883063
  1. Supply to PT. Metra
  2. Supply to PT. PSN Group
  3. Supply to PT. Indonusa
  4. Supply to PT. IP star Indonesia
  5. Supply to PT. Satkomindo
  6. Supply to PT. Primacom
  7. Supply to PT. Indosat Group
  8. Supply to PT. Indonesia Comnet Plus
  9. Supply to PT. Dwi Tunggal Putra
  • Business Partner with UHP Inc.(Romantis),VSAT Modem System,Canada
  • Business Partner with Mitec, SSPA,Canada
  • Fibre Optic related products and accessories
  • Power Supply System (Rectifier, UPS, Inverter DC to AC)
  • RF common products (BUC, LNB, LNA,Radio Link,VSAT Antenna, Cable, Connector)
  • Cabinet System (Rack, Terminal Box)
  • Antenna Tower