• Reliable communications everywhere
  • Better environment for management and control
  • Easy business expansion to new areas
  • Primary and backup connectivity
  • Common communication standard at any brunch
  • Cost-effective, scalable network


Today’s business requires rapid information exchange between branches, regional offices and head office. To ensure trouble-free communication our customers needed a high performance, reliable infrastructure to communicate voice, video and data. The satellite solution is fully independent from any terrestrial infrastructure and is totally secure for the customer’s data. It also frees the customer from interaction with many regional and national terrestrial service providers. It creates cost savings on communications by avoidance of passing the voice traffic via commercial networks.

UHP technology allows creating Private VSAT Networks of any size and topology with unlimited potential for future development. It could be a simple point-to-point SCPC connectivity between the Headquarter and a single brunch that can be upgraded to multi-sites TDM/TDMA network dynamically sharing the same bandwidth. The UHP Satellite Routers can be also used in Hubless TDMA mode, when group of terminals share a single TDMA carrier to transmit and receive information. The Hubless TDMA mode of operation ensures Full Mesh with just one satellite jump, possibility to dedicate all the network bandwidth just to a single direction, when it is needed. Needless to say about high reliability of Hubless TDMA networks having no central station, i.e. a single point of failure. Stoppage or failure on any station does not affect the function of the network.

The UHP Satellite routers of different hardware modifications are compatible to each other and can be installed in the premises, built into customers’ equipment or deployed outside as full-outdoor system. UHP the software defined functionality allowing to change its mode of operation just by software activation and without hardware replacement or even without visit to the site. The same network may consist of fixed, transportable (fast-deployable) and mobile terminals.